Types of Marketing

The different types of marketing strategies that you should be aware of are:


B2B Marketing


The term B2B marketing means business-to-business transactions. B2B marketing strategies are used when a company is selling goods or services to some other company.


B2C Marketing


B2C marketing means business-to-consumer marketing. This refers to a company selling its products or services to consumers and the business promotion is done through ads.


C2B Marketing


This is the opposite of B2C and means consumer-to-business marketing. In this type of marketing, the consumer gives goods or services to the company.


C2C Marketing


C2C Marketing refers to consumer-to-consumer marketing. In this, consumers interact with co-consumers when they share a common product or service. An example of this is OfferUp and let go apps.


How do marketing strategies lead to success?


The success story of a business largely depends on the marketing strategy it deploys. An effective business marketing strategy helps in boosting growth as well as growing the number of consumers for a business. Some of the different marketing strategies include promotions and advertising, establishing media relations and other aspects. Even when a business provides the best products and services, people need to know about it. This provides information to consumers and makes them aware. Another benefit of a marketing strategy is that it helps in building a company’s reputation thereby leading to better trust among its consumers.


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