Digital marketing trends in 2023

What are the digital marketing trends in 2023?

Europe’s leading digital agency, Emile, analyzed and proposed 5 digital marketing trends expected to dominate in 2023.


Artificial intelligence

AI is used by companies to grow their business, logistics chain and marketing.


What we’re going to see in the next few years can’t compare to what we’re going to see in Google searches or Instagram ads. Several platforms are appearing for the creation or improvisation of images, creating videos, special effects or audio. But one of the highlights is the creation of text, posts and headlines with AI, which quadruples the content that can be generated.


Since this year many AI systems have evolved from their beta phase and are beginning to be offered as open source or paid for free, which will allow 2023 to develop more effective and personalized marketing strategies.


Vertical video and short video

Vertical videos and short videos grew almost as fast. TikTok is the leader in terms of users and downloads, but currently, YouTube is also taking advantage of these formats.


Of its growth, brands are adopting it and while this has nothing to do with its technological advantages, what is important is the organic reach that platforms gain by using it.


Greater penetration of the Metaverse and VR

We expect a real explosion of brands entering the virtual world. It is a series of digital spaces in which humans have the opportunity to socialize, study and work through three-dimensional avatars.


This idea has become an area of ​​great interest to marketing, but what kinds of sales strategies can be implemented in these virtual environments? Two video games that have similarities with the Metaverse: Roblox and Fortnite. These allow players to move freely through virtual worlds and have managed to stay current through collaborations with artists and brands.


In Fortnite, events like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande’s virtual concerts, the Fortnite World Cup in which various influencers compete and accessories and more inspired by viral videos, artists, animated characters, and more.


Significance of indicators in influencers

For some, tactics with influencers are a waste of time and money, annually they gain more ground in social networks and digital campaigns. The change expected for 2023 is that we will be able to measure the results of these actions in relation to brands, to be able to produce quantitative and qualitative reports of the entire action.


Conversational marketing

To make it direct and effective, listening is not enough. Customers must be able to talk with them, including their opinion, address doubts and solve problems personally through two-way marketing. This solution, interaction through chatbots or WhatsApp, make it possible to strengthen relationships with customers and make them last longer.


Sourced by: Nation World News



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