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Social Media Marketing has gone from a possibility for marketing to a necessity.

People are spending 1/3 of their day on social platforms for their news entertainment and social connections. Marketing has always been about getting underpriced attention! 

This is totally dependent on the kind of business you run. That is why DDM will always do market research before we advise our clients on the preferred platforms. 

This all depends on the industry saturation as well as your targets and goals there is no one size fits all in Social Media or even in the Digital Marketing space.

We recommend that you are on at lease two and that they are only the most relevant to way your preferred client consumes their content online. 

In the B2B space as well as Retail, there is still a large space for this kind of campaign when it is tied into a larger Digital Campaign. 

Once off marketing options will always leave you wanting in the digital space as the online space is fast moving and cheaper than print so the long term benefits are far more helpful for a really long term impact. The question is whether you are looking to have a once off impact or are you building a real Brand?

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