Graphic Design Made Simple

Graphic design is needed by every business for the purpose of marketing their business.


What does a graphic designer do?

The common factor is that graphic designers create visual concepts and communicate ideas through their work. This can mean working on design projects like logos, websites, written content, designs and videos.


A graphic designer combines text and images using an extensive knowledge of design trends and the ability to tell a story through visual elements.


On top of all of the technical knowledge that goes into creating brand elements using a combination of art and technology, graphic designers are often responsible for several other duties, including:


  • Understanding how to create original designs that will attract the client’s target audience
  • Presenting thoroughly researched concepts for approval and critique
  • Incorporating changes from customers or art directors
  • Ensuring a lack of error in the designs before they are sent to print


Different types of graphic design:


  • Marketing and advertising – This form of design focuses on social media advertisements, print ads like in a magazine, landing pages and even infographics.
  • Corporate branding identity – This is all about coming up with a visual brand identity for a company, this type of design can include everything from the color pairings used on the brand’s website to the logo to the typography used.
  • User experience – This refers to the comprehensive experience that a user has while browsing the website. It is the overall feeling that a user associates with the product and the attitude that the user develops toward the product.
  • Publication – This style of design is usually done in a print format, but more print publications are making the jump to digital mediums.
  • Packaging design – Whether it be the box the product comes in, the label placed directly on the product, or the packing slip that comes with the product, packaging graphic design is alive and well in today’s modern society.
  • Motion design – If you create graphic designs that move, you’re a motion graphic designer. Most motion graphic designers specialize in animation and/or special effects for television and/or film.
  • Art/illustration design – This form of design is all about creating original artwork. There is a graphic design that serves a function and there is a graphic design that is more emotional. In most instances, graphic design will consider both emotion and functionality. However, with art graphic design, functionality is not a key concern, instead, the focus is on feeling, emotion, and aesthetics.


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