What is the difference between graphic design, UX and UI design?

Graphic design relates to the visual design of a product, whereas, UX design looks at the overall experience a user has with a product and UI design is concerned with the visual elements that a user interacts with. These three forms of design are connected in many ways, but each one has a different area of focus.

Graphic Designers communicate ideas or messages through visual designs. They select and arrange design elements to create visually appealing print, web, or multimedia work. Graphic design is primarily focused on how something looks. By combining the right elements, graphic design can evoke certain emotions and feelings.

UX design focuses on the logic and structure of products that users interact with. This can include websites or mobile applications or software. UX designers apply user-centred design approaches to create experiences that are functional and pleasant. Through competitive analysis, user personas, wireframing and journey flows, UX designers create user-friendly experiences.

Similar to graphic design, UI design is concerned with visual experiences, but it focuses on the elements that users interact with. This includes buttons, color schemes, form input fields, animations and drop-down menus. UI designers take the framework and wireframes created by UX designers and turn them into visual deliverables before handing them off to the development team.

What are the benefits of UI and UX design for businesses:

• Retain users for a long time
• Boosts branding
• Attracts new customers to the platforms
• Increases productivity
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Increases conversion rates of your platform
• Interaction acknowledgement
• Helps in search engine optimization
• Reduces costs
• Saves time and money
• Improves website speed
• Best experience for all devices

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