The importance of SEO for your business.

The importance of SEO for your business.

Good SEO optimizes your visibility online. Meaning, the more people that see your website, the more your online traffic increases and the better your chances are to provide your product/service to a greater audience.


There are only 10 spots on a Google search results page. When typing in a Google search, how often do you venture onto the second or third results page? Chances are rare, as the first few options contain the information you requested in your search query.


If a prospective customer types in a topic relevant to what your business can provide, you would want to be on the first search results page, right? If you aren’t in the top ten search spots, another business just gained a new customer.


This is the importance of SEO for your business. SEO gives you the power to be the answer to potential customers’ questions. In addition to visibility and traffic increase, SEO contributes to your authoritative voice in your field. Authority leads to brand trust, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty.


How SEO works:


SEO has everything to do with quantity and quality. The better your website is on both the back and front ends, the better traffic you will get and the more search engines will increase your search rankings. Building SEO works by combining SEO elements using a data-driven approach.


These factors include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Backlink building
  • Content creation


Keyword Analysis

Words are powerful, and certain words have the power to control your rankings online. Keywords can be single words or phrases that people frequently use to find what they are looking for. If your content contains those words/phrases used by customers, you increase your visibility because you are providing the answers by specifically utilizing the appropriate keywords.


Backlink Building

Backlinks are elements on your website that link back to other credible, high-quality websites. This improves your credibility because you are citing sources that are relevant to your area of expertise. Backlink building should be done strategically so that your content does not get lost in a sea of other sources. For example, plagiarism is taken very seriously and you do not want to present other people’s content as your own. Backlink building can enhance your SEO but needs to be done carefully and ethically.


Content Creation

Your content allows you to communicate directly with your target audience. This is where your keywords help you build authority, trust, consistency, and engagement. Strong content balances the human side of your customer-driven business with data-driven analytics necessary to optimize your digital presence.



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