Types of marketing videos

The rise of social media marketing has seen an increase in demand for video content!


Types of marketing videos  


Now that we’ve established the great value video brings to your content marketing strategy, let’s explore the different video types.


Product Videos

This highlights features, and benefits and demonstrates how your product or service works. Commonly referred to as “demo videos”.


Brand Videos

Brand videos communicate your company’s values and mission. These videos drive awareness and help viewers see why they should choose you over a competitor.


Educational and How-to Videos

Good marketing videos add value. Your target audience will appreciate educational or instructional content that teaches them something new. This type of video helps you build trust and establish your credibility and expertise. These include tutorial videos or DIY projects.


Testimonial Videos

Often, others’ voices speak louder for your brand than your own. Testimonial videos from customers establish strong social proof.


This video marketing type is especially effective for the consideration stage of purchasing. A glowing testimonial can greatly increase brand trust and the likelihood that a buyer chooses you.


Live Videos

Rather than pre-recording a video, live streams allow you to speak to your audience in real-time via a streaming platform like YouTube Live and Facebook.


This video format sparks high engagement rates, as you can encourage people to ask questions or leave comments that you can address in your live stream. To exemplify, live video’s engagement rate stood at 4.3% while non-live content was at 2.2%.


Product Launch Videos

Creating a landing page for a new product release is a best practice, and adding a video with a sneak peek of the product’s look and features can generate even more buzz. This marketing video gets people excited to spread the word about your new product.


Event Videos

Event marketing is a powerful marketing strategy. Capture quality footage from your event and create a highlight reel to spread joy and let people feel like they were there.


When marketing your next event, use footage from previous events to give people a taste of what’s waiting for them and highly increase registrations.



We live in a digital age in which thought leaders, entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, and influencers share their messages across social media. As part of your video marketing strategy, you can conduct a meaningful interview with someone in your field.


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