The significance of Video and Voice Marketing

The value of video and voice in customer communications has never been greater than it is today.


Businesses today still make use of faxes, e-mails and texts to engage with their customers, however, businesses are increasingly relying on video and audio to increase engagement.


Benefits of video marketing:

  • Video can help improve SEO
  • Video keeps users on pages for longer
  • Videos are captivating
  • Video converts more
  • Video is easier to share
  • Easy way to educate customers about a brand


A reason behind the popularity of video and audio is that it helps form an emotional connection between the participants. A more human relationship can be made when people hear others speak and pick up on their tone of voice or see each other’s expressions via a screen. This makes them compelling tools for customer communications.


Text-based customer support can be time-consuming and frustrating for both parties when compared to live communications.

Businesses can provide a more human experience that builds rapport and trust. It can also drive significant efficiencies, as customers can see and hear the support agent, making it easier to understand each other and find solutions more quickly.


Businesses are increasingly using video and voice for sales and marketing activities to build connections with customers and help drive brand loyalty. This includes hosting live webinars for lead generation, product explainer videos and interactive Q&A sessions.


Video has been shown to be an excellent medium for communicating and educating customers, especially for complex products and services.


The global pandemic has changed the landscape of communications faster than ever before, with more businesses and brands now relying on video and voice communications.

The shift to video and voice communication has become our future, and it will continue to evolve and become more commonplace in our everyday lives.


Businesses that can embrace this change will be well-positioned to take advantage of the benefits offered.


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