Types of Digital Marketing Platforms (Part 1)

Common digital marketing platforms:

  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Social Media Platforms 


It’s essential that brands are active across multiple social media accounts. Consider these stats:

  • On average, consumers have multiple accounts.
  • The average adult spends an average of 2 hours on social media per day.
  • Of 5.11 billion people who have a phone, 3.26 billion access social media.
  • 64%of consumers want brands to connect with them on social – this is practically an invitation to interact, and ultimately, convert.


Marketers can use these channels to distribute paid ads and sponsored content. Each platform has a way to create paid ads and segment users so these ads appear on the feeds of the target audience. Interacting with them on social media or answering customer service-oriented questions is a great way to ensure continued engagement, and cultivate positive experiences and customer loyalty.

Social media can help businesses build brands and establish a voice that can make them popular to follow and share.


Influencer Marketing


An effective way to harness digital channels to reach target audiences is with influencer marketing. Brands can partner with celebrities, sites, or others that are experts in their field, and that share similar values. Brands can reach these influencers’ followers with branded content and offers. Many marketers have found success with influencer marketing.


1 out of 2 women based a purchase decision on a recommendation from an influencer. With almost half of social media users relying on brand recommendations from influencers, influencer marketing could be an extremely effective way to boost engagement and sales for your business.


Email Marketing


Email marketing allows organizations to stay connected with prospects and customers, sending them customized newsletters or offers based on past shopping history or brand engagements if an individual has interacted with a few of your branded touchpoints – like an email offer for 10 per cent off the items they have been considering, or free shipping – that little extra incentive could easily tip the scales from an “abandoned cart” to a completed purchase.


Nearly 60% of consumers say that email plays a role in their purchase decisions.


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